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Welcome to Cape Cod Waterways!

Cape Cod Waterways Boat Rental offers four different boat models from which to choose. The electric powered paddleboats are the most stable and easy to use. These boats can accommodate two adults and two toddlers, or three full sized adults and are operated by using a bicycle style pedal, or the electric motor to propel them through the water.

The kayaks are also very user friendly and are available in both single and double person models. Stand Up Paddle Board are also available.

The canoes can accommodate the largest group of combined persons with the smaller size able to accommodate 3 full-sized adults and a larger model that can hold up to 4 adults.

A small bass boat from the site patrols the river to look out for everyone’s safety. As an additional bonus, the staff will take pictures from the boat on their digital camera to capture the fun of the outing in a photo. These photos can be viewed back at the boathouse and are available as a keepsake from the experience for those that are interested in having them printed.

Cape Cod Waterways Boat Rental is open 7 days a week from 8:00AM to 7:30pm during the summer and from 10:00AM to 6:00PM during the off-season. The boats are also available for off-site rentals.

Today's Updates

Spring is here? Yes! Snow days are over!

Whoever is praying for snow, please stop!

Devika Tsoumas / Sep 29, 2012

The Peeps Cape Cod Waterways, Inc. Boat Rental were so so nice to let me rent today (as the weather was spotty and i know i was the only one on the river) as a result, two herons followed me the whole way, coming very close to me many times, then one flew 3ft above me and graced me with the closest I have ever been to that glorious 6ft wing span ♥ also saw Osprey & Red Tailed Hawk.